Sometimes you just have to sleep at the radio station. It might be because of weather, it might be because you had a late night at a concert and in Rob's case, it was because we had an early morning meeting. For him it just made more sense to crash in our social media area than traveling all the way home when his shift was over and driving all the way back. However, that means you're asleep in the radio station. I give him credit because the couch he was sleeping on is probably one of the most uncomfortable pieces of furniture you could ever try to sleep on.

It was time for the meeting and it was time to wake Rob up. Here's how it went...

Obviously he could have used a couple more hours. LOL I give him credit for making the morning meeting too!

Let's not forget the time I had to wake Dale up after he slept at the station. Dale wanted to be there for the home opener when the Bills took on the Jets at New Era Field. However, the 8:25 p.m. kick off served Dale with a tiny problem. By the time he would get home from the game, he would pretty much have to turn around and come to work. His solution was to sleep at the station. He asked me to wake him up before the show and naturally we had to film it. You can check out how that went and I what I found him with when I woke him up HERE.

I will say I am glad I'm not here Friday (tomorrow) because Rob is BIG on April Fool's Day pranks and I've been subject to them before.

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