The United States is a nation of collectors. We Americans love to collect things: antiques, jewelry, stamps, coins, musical instruments, clothings, toys, housewares, motorcycles, cars and trucks, etc.

One way to find collectibles is to use the Internet. There's Ebay where you can buy or sell almost anything. Ebay makes it's money by charging you a fee on what you sell. For the more frugal person, there is Craigslist which is totally free. The downside to Craigslist is that you can end up getting a lot of spam and you will also get contacted by people trying to "lowball" you with a low offer on your item. That can get a bit frustrating.

Now there is another way of finding bargains and that is the old-fashioned way of driving around and finding stuff for sale on people's lawns. This probably won't work if you live in the suburbs, but wait till you take a ride in the country. Once you get to places where the sidewalks end, you will find all kinds of cool stuff for sale on people's front lawns.

It's true! When I cruise out to the country, I see amazing things for sale in front of people's houses: boats, rv's. atv's, cars, trucks, motorcycles, furniture, even fruits and vegatables. And many of these items can be had very cheaply.

My buddy Bob lives way out in Niagara County and just purchased this old motorcross bike shown above that he will be restoring. It's an old Suzuki RM 250. Yes, it's needs a few things, but he got it at a good price so everyone is happy.

It just goes to show you, you don't always need the Internet to find cool stuff to buy.