Mighty Taco Craigslist
This is hilarious! This guy who worked at Mighty Taco on Delaware is looking for his 'Missed Connection'  and the guy he is looking for had quite the incident--he passed out at Mighty, but ran away from the EMT's. We did this before and successfully helped one guy in Amherst who was looking for his blood ninja--it was too funny, but he wanted to find her. ...
Craigslist Help
Ok folks, we're looking for 'John The Kwik Fill Lover'. John works at Kwik Fill at East Quaker Crossing and this woman wants to watch some powder from his donuts fall on his beard. A couple of weeks ago we we successfully helped one guy find his 'missed connection' or as he liked to call her, his 'blood ninja'. It was h...
Buffalo Craigslist
We have to help a brother out here. He posted on 'Missed Connections' on Craigslist on Thursday after he realized he may have missed the girl of his dreams who works at Quest Diagnostics in Amherst--at least for that day. Apparently, she bounces around from place to place, but this guy, as he puts it, 'lost too much blood' to think to ask her out...
5 Things You Can Get on Craigslist for Free in WNY – But Why Would You Want To?
There are tons of things that you can get on Craigslist. There's an entire section for free stuff. As a matter of fact, there's a lot of good stuff there that you might be able to use as parts or for crafts. But then there's the other stuff that makes you cock your head sideways and wonder, who the heck is picking this stuff up? And why are these people putting this on Craigslist?
Hamburger Flip Phone
We played an all new game today! I found an item on Buffalo's Craigslist and asked you to guess what they were asking for it.  Simple as that! Today's item was a Vintage Hamburger Flip Style Phone!

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