We have to help a brother out here. He posted on 'Missed Connections' on Craigslist on Thursday after he realized he may have missed the girl of his dreams who works at Quest Diagnostics in Amherst--at least for that day.

Apparently, she bounces around from place to place, but this guy, as he puts it, 'lost too much blood' to think to ask her out. I cracked up a bit reading this--hopefully, he finds that blood ninja LOL

Yesterday I came in for some bloodwork. I was extremely nervous because I hate needles. You were super cool and drew my blood faster than a ninja on pre-workout. You told me that you are a floater and hop around and your schedule is all over the place. I said something like oh so you must have a tough time with balancing a social life. You said that you have an awesome social life and you make time. Had I not been having an internal panic attack about being stabbed by you, I would have totally asked you out for a beer sometime. Once you were done being a blood ninja you were like k byeeeee you're all done. I was kind of shocked like woah wait its over and you were like yea you're all done you can leave now ya weirdo. I had no time to think and ask you out because I had lost soooo much blood yanno? So anyways, shoot me an email or creep my patient chart and text me. Let's meet up sometime in your real clothes, no I don't want no scrubs.

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