This is as random as the lasdy trying to sell positive pregnancy tests downtown a few years ago.

This woman in Kenmore last week was trying to sell an Arctic Fox on Cragislist--Like the wild animals thatlive in Canada, Iceland and Greenland....and the Buffalo Zoo.

It said: Blue Arctic Fox for sale---600 bucks and 8 weeks old.

She claims she bought it in Michigan, probably on the black market of course, but the NYS DEC got a hold of this and a few officers went over to her house and issued her a ticket and an appearance in court.
Just casually selllinnnnng some arctic foxes today. According to WIVB:

DEC Environmental Conservation Officer Mark Mazurkiewicz received a call Aug. 3 regarding the ad on Buffalo’s Craigslist page, advertising the fox pup being sold for $600 in Kenmore.

Mazurkiewicz contacted a permitted wildlife rehabiliation service that operates a sanctuary for foxes and they met with the Kenmore woman offering the fox for sale.

It is illegal to possess, barter, or offer for sale a wild animal as a pet in New York.

The fox pup was seized and taken to the permitted facility where it will be cared for pending a court disposition.