If you ever search the free section of Craigslist in Buffalo, you know that there are some strange things that people are trying to get rid of. Some people list junk, most likely because they don't want to pay any trash pick-up fees or have to haul it to the dump. Sure, there are some good finds, sometimes, but there are also some horrible finds...like these:

Yellowjacket Nest

The user who listed these yellowjackets for free is pretty fed up. They say that the flying insects are destined for death if no one comes to rescue them,

Like90% sure these are yellow jackets,a form of wasps. They found a opening in corner house,so up in attic a fairly easy to access craw space is a 10” diameter nest. It’s yours free ,I will help in extracting. If no one wants I will poison fog these devils,and crush the nest,kill all. Dont want to,there excellent pollinators.

Credit: Craigslist

I'm sorry but this free camper looks like it could be the scene of a grizzly murder in a horror movie. It looks like it's one strong gust of wind away from blowing into another county. The user who is offering it up says that it would make a great hunting camper.

Credit: Craigslist

Black Hair Dye
If you're on the run from the law and need to disguise yourself quickly, this may be the perfect free Craigslist item for you. You can get some L'Oreal black hair dye, but the user who listed it says to use it with caution,

Fair warning: the plastic squeeze bottle is brittle. It will have to be put into a different bottle.

Credit: Craigslist

Semi Tire

This tire looks like it's seen better days! Aside from the fact that there is just one, it's as smooth as a baby's bottom. I guess it could be good for someone looking for junk to upcycle - you could make it a plant holder. However, I would avoid putting it on any vehicle if you want to live through stopping your vehicle.

Credit: Craigslist

Not all of the free listings on Craigslist are as bad as these four. You can browse through them here.

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