We have been accepting your baby photos for a week for your chance to win tickets to see Miranda Lambert at Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino on Sept. 18 (and you can still get your entries in here), but WYRK wanted to play our own game, and we challenge you to see if you can identify the WYRK baby.

It's pretty simple. Each WYRK personality has submitted a baby photo (with the exception of Rob Banks who has been off this week), and we want YOU to see if you can guess which baby photo belongs to each WYRK personality.

You can use our current photos in our station biography to see a comparison as to what we look like now vs. what we might have looked like back then.

Each baby is assigned a number 1-5. Once you have guessed at naming all of us as babies, leave a comment on our Facebook post, tweet us, send us an Instagram direct message, or simply text into the station using the WYRK Buffalo app in the App Store.

Good luck! We will share the correct baby names early next week!

Can You Name That WYRK Baby?

We are getting ready for the Miranda Lambert concert at Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino on September 18th with none other than baby pictures!

For the last week, WYRK has been asking for your baby pictures -- but with a country theme! And for a good reason...because we want you to win tickets to see Miranda Lambert, with Western New York's own Claudia Hoyser and Taste of Country Riser Fuzzy and the Rustbelts.

We are taking your country-themed baby pictures, whether they are of you, your baby, your friend's baby -- whomever! Anyone qualifies -- so long as they are in country gear.

You would think that the WYRK on air staff would have at least one baby picture with a country twang; unfortunately this is the best we can do.

Can you name that WYRK Baby?

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