Sure, we could all do ten or twenty pushups if we had to. The biggest problem most people have is whether or not they are doing them the proper way. But could you do 50 pushups a minute?

According to reports, An Illinois man will look to break the world record for most pushups in an hour on Saturday. The record he's trying to break is two-thousand-919. Hood will need to average roughly 50 pushups per minute to achieve the record.

Talk about some serious core strength! Hood has also done a record breaking plank of more than 8 hours. Honestly, I get tired at about 60 seconds and struggle to make it to two minutes.

But this record breaking attempt is for a good cause as well. As a retired Marine, Hood uses any money raised to support the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund.

Since the pandemic began, there are two ways people have approached personal fitness. You have either gone all in and kept a regular fitness routine and diet, or you have just sat around and have not had the motivation or ability to go to a gym. As guidelines change and gyms open back up, your fitness routine may have be changing. Start working on that core strength and soon you might be looking a world record or at least your own personal best!

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