A treasured part of our childhood has been ripped away from the heart of New York City.

Over the last 5 or so years, New York City has been actively removing their payphones from the street, and now they have succeeded in getting rid of all payphones in the area.

The last public payphone is now headed to the Museum of the City of New York to display in an exhibit there.

It may just seem like an old, prehistoric phone for anyone who wasn’t alive in the 90s, but it was a crucial part of many childhood memories, especially in Western New York. 

But payphones are not the only thing we miss about the “good ‘ole days.”

If we could bring back 27 things from the good ‘ole days, this is what would be on our wish list.

  1. A boat to crystal beach.- Carl Nocera

  2. Wardynski sausage. Especially the holiday sausage!

  3.  Freddie’s doughnuts

  4. The Joalsmobile

  5. The ponderosa buffet restaurant

  6. Rooties blue cheese

  7. William McKinley

  8. James D. Griffin, former Mayor of Buffalo

  9. Balos

  10. Unity theater roc mar

  11. Swiss Chalet

  12. Irv Weinstein and the crew!!!!

  13. Divas , Pizza Queen & Leonardi's

  14. 25 cent wings

  15. The one and only mighty taco on hertel and commonwealth

  16. Putt Putt Golf NOT Adventure Landing

  17. Tippy Tacos 

  18. Ruby Reds

  19. Mesmer Dairy

  20. Jet Donuts

  21. Genny Beer on draught!

  22. Joe Marcucci Pizza on Walden Ave

  23. Glen Park

  24. Pats on Sheridan.

  25. Cheaper gas prices

  26. Garden of Sweets candy store on Bailey Ave.

  27. Kensington movie Theater

Ah, yes…25 cent wings. Now that is how you knew that you were living in the “good ‘ole days.”

Relive the Glen Amusement Park and Casino

There are parts of Western New York that you never knew existed, and one of those places may be the Glen Amusement Park and Casino.

If you can’t remember an amusement park at this location in Williamsville, that may be because Harry Altman’s Glen Amusement Park and Casino, a center of attractions for western NYers, was destroyed by a massive fire September 1968. A fire destroyed the park in September 1968.

Thankfully, Ron Urban, who grew up in WNY and lived inside the Glen Amusement Park and Casino complex, has held onto photographs from as far back as 1946 when he lived in that childhood home, along the banks of Ellicott Creek and located below the falls.

Even if you weren't able to see the Glen Amusement Park and Casino in person, now you can relive the memory of this historic part of WNY -- all thanks to Ron Urban and the photographs he has kept over the years.

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