In case you haven't heard, a snowstorm is on the doorstep of Buffalo and Erie County.

A Lake Effect Snow Warning is in effect for all of Erie and Genesee counties from now until 1 am on Friday morning. Many areas could see upwards of 15-18 inches of snow, but the brunt of the band should focus on areas barely off to the south of Downtown Buffalo, to Hamburg and Orchard Park, and extending east as far as Batavia.

The winds will be an issue too, as 40 mph wind gusts will be blowing through during the overnight and driving could be downright impossible at times with minimal to no visibility. If you have to travel during the overnight and Thursday, leave plenty of time and be careful.

As one can imagine, and it seems like we do this every time a major snowstorm hits the region, people flocked to Wegmans on Wednesday to grab essential supplies.

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Other than toilet paper, by far the number one item people grab is bread. Bread, eggs and milk, but bread for sure.

My father was at the Wegmans on McKinley Parkway in Hamburg earlier this evening and texted me this amazing photo of the bread aisle. It's picked clean!

I mean, did I miss something? Are we going to be hunkered down for the next two weeks? I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but here we are.

So, if you're heading to the Wegmans in Hamburg and want a specific loaf of bread, chances are, you won't find it tonight.

My dad also went to Tops and it was equally hard to find bread at the Wegmans on McKinley and Southwestern.

Did you see similar sights at Wegmans or Tops tonight?

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