Western New York is one of the best places in the entire country for grocery stores. Whether it's Wegmans, Tops, or Market in the Square, Buffalo is an amazing place for the abundance of grocery stores.

Most other places simply do not have this many grocery stores in such small area. Not only a lot of locations, but amazing grocery stores that are basically food cathedrals.

Buffalonians have become numb to having so many Wegmans locations here. There's a few of them within a couple miles of one another in the north towns, with a couple in the south towns, including West Seneca and Hamburg.

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My wife and I were shopping at a Buffalo-area Wegmans this week and I saw something I have seen far too many times.

In the pantry aisle, there was two prepared foods that were left on the shelf. Clearly, packages that had to be refrigerated.

Why in the world do people do this?

Okay, so a customer doesn't want an item anymore, that's fine...but at least take it back to the place you found it, especially for something that needs to be refrigerated. Those who go to a grocery store are already walking all over to get their items and back to their car, why is that so hard to? Maybe even give it to the check out person, so that an employee can go put it back where it belongs.

Sometimes, this happens on opposite ends of the store. I have even seen ice cream that was not put back in the frozen foods section.

Let's perhaps, not do this anymore. Please.

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