It's a weekly tradition for Buffalonians to venture out to the grocery store, and many people in Western New York visit Wegmans for their grocery list.

It doesn't really matter which time of day you go, it's at least going to be a little busy. The late afternoon is the most busy for a weekday, and of course, it's packed on Saturdays and Sundays. The day or days before Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are jam-packed with Western New Yorkers looking for food items.

But if you have ever gone to Wegmans, you may notice many of us get the same items. They're items we always get because they're a part of the Buffalo culture.

I see them all the time in grocery carts and they're often missing on shelves, just because of how popular they are.

One of them is Bison Dip. It doesn't even matter if I have one at home, I have to grab one when I go to Wegmans.

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What about some other staples? Which food items does every Buffalonian purchase at Wegmans?

Here's the top 10!

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