It's almost impossible to believe that 2023 is starting to wind down. Yes, we're already two weeks into the month of November; there's seven weeks left in the year and this is the time of the year that the weather is cold and dreary.

Despite the colder weather, the next seven weeks are always fun to look forward to. That's because we can look forward to the holiday season.

The holidays kick off with the most treasured food holiday, Thanksgiving.

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We're only 10 days away from Thanksgiving and that means starting by the end of this week, most people will be venturing to grocery stores for food and supplies for their traditional Thanksgiving dinners and parties.

Here in Buffalo and Western New York, many people will be traveling to their nearest Wegmans for those Thanksgiving supplies.

This is a friendly reminder to anyone shopping at a Wegmans over the next 10 days -- please, be kind, patient and courteous to the employees who will be working those shifts.

Thanksgiving is a stressful time of the year. Everyone will be going for the same exact foods and supplies: turkey, stuffing bread, cranberries, potatoes, gravy mix, rolls, biscuits, pumpkin pie/mix, drinks, etc.

I've seen it time and time again, customers who get impatient with the shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. The long lines, the lack of parking, the speeding through the store to get it done as soon as possible. Every single customer will be in the same boat.

The employees who will be working will be doing the best they can. Working the service industry before, especially during the holidays, kindness and patience goes a long way.

As far as logistical aspects of Thanksgiving shopping, try to avoid the day before Turkey Day, as well as avoiding the Sunday before Thanksgiving. If at all possible, shop early in the morning the week of Thanksgiving (between 6 and 9 am). You can get fresh supplies and avoid much of the usual crowds.

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