We celebrated National Pizza Day this week and it looks like people like to top their pizza with some very weird things.

According to a post on Barstool's Instagram page, a breakdown of the favorite toppings in every state shows that some Americans really like some very weird toppings on their pizza.


Looking at some of the states, there is no way that someone born here in New York would ever put those toppings on their pizza.

Everyone jokes about pineapple on pizza, but apparently, our neighbors to the south in Pennsylvania like to put corn on their pizza. Yes...corn. How does that even work? It is like the whole ear of corn? It is creamed corn do they just sprinkle little nuggets of corn on top of their pizza?

Or look at the people who live in New Mexico. They like to put carrots on top of their pizza. For us here in New York, carrots belong on the side along with your wings, not atop on your pizza.

Also in Minnesota, they like to top their pizza with Tuna! One word is used to describe that....GROSS.

Be glad that you don't live in California where the favorite topping is Avocado. The only good way to use an avocado is to smash it up and dunk some nacho chips in it.

For us, New Yorkers, a traditional slice of cheese and pepperoni is the way to go.

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