It looks like the Christmas present for Western New York this weekend is that Mother Nature is giving us all four seasons in 48 hours.

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While most of us think of snow, hot cocoa, and sitting by the fireplace as we celebrate Christmas, this weekend you might have to take the fire outside on the patio.

There is a major warm front coming through Western New York at the end of the week which means we could see temperatures in the mid-'50s for Christmas Eve. You might be able to throw on the flip-flops for midnight mass.

Then hopefully you got some socks to a nice sweater from Santa as a huge cold front is expected to pass through the region on Christmas morning. We will see temperatures in the 30s and possible snow flurries.

Just to recap, we will have warm rainy weather for Christmas Eve and then cold snowy weather for Christmas.

So if you have been dreaming of a white Christmas, Mother Nature might have the perfect present for you on Christmas morning.

The only bad news is that the cold front will stay in Western New York for a couple of days and we could be wrapping up 2021 on the cold snowy side. The good news is that skiers and snowboarders could be starting off the New Year with plenty of powder on the trails.

So this Christmas you can leave out both some Iced Tea and some hot cocoa for Santa because you just never know what weather we will get here in Western New York!


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