Everywhere that you go you hear about artificial intelligence. It seems like it is just taking over the world for better or for worse depending on how you look at it. A.I. may be making your life easier but at the risk of taking away jobs in the United States.

At Wendy's around town, you might just see the new A.I. system take over the drive-thru. The CEO of Wendy's mentioned that the slowest part about the drive-thru experience for customers is the ordering point (some would argue this). To combat that they are partnering with Google to have A.I. take your order.

Think of it this way:

When you call a customer service number for a company now, you have to walk through prompts and most times there is a machine that will respond and listen to you. This is exactly the case when you go through the Wendy's drive-thru. Wendy's is now testing the concept and hoping that if successful, they will roll it out to the rest of all of Wendy's fast food locations.

According to CNBC:

This new drive-thru feature aims to “take out the slowest point in the order process, ordering at the speaker box,” to create a more pleasant restaurant experience, the CEO said. “We’re going to learn a lot. First step on a lot of innovation,” he added.

We found out that even Major League Baseball is starting to use artificial intelligence. They are testing using A.I. in Buffalo, New York first in the minors before they bring it to the big leagues. There are cameras that will tell the home plate ump what the call is. Fans might not notice because the ump will still call as normal, but he will not be making the call.

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