An update was made to the Wendy’s menu this week, and Western New Yorkers feel a type of way about it. 

Some Western New Yorkers are on the edge of their seats waiting for the debut of their newest item, while others simply don’t care. 

But then there’s another handful of Western New Yorkers, who are giving Wendy’s some suggestions on a different new item that has been overlooked for too long. 

For the longest time, Wendy's only had the signature chocolate frosty, but things have surely changed over the years. Over time, Wendy’s released the vanilla frosty and more recently, the strawberry frosty.  

But now – with the fall season being right around the corner, a new frosty flavor has been announced. 

Wendy's announced that they will debut their new pumpkin spice frosty flavor in honor of the fall season and colder weather. 

As early as Tuesday, September 12th, you will be able to order a pumpkin spice frosty. They will also have a pumpkin spice frosty cream cold brew that many people are looking forward to. 

However, Western New Yorkers are hoping that local Wendy’s locations will consider a new flavor when it comes to their next newest addition for a frosty, and that flavor is…


Loganberry is a pretty unique taste that really is native to Buffalo, New York, so it makes sense why Western New York would want to try a Loganberry frosty! 

Maybe local locations will consider adding this unique flavor to their menu after a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl win…that would be pretty sweet. 

Until then, you can actually try to make your own frosty at home using this recipe

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