There's probably no better fast-food chain to follow on Twitter than Wendy's and if you don't follow them, I suggest you do; especially if you enjoy some humor to lighten up your work day.

Wendy's said on Twitter a while back, that if two million people liked their tweet, referring to the spicy nuggets potentially returning, they would bring back the fan-favorite...sure enough, that's what happened and Wendy's made good on their promise.

Now, in celebration of the spicy chicken nuggets return, Wendy's will honor that two million likes on Twitter by giving away two million spicy nuggets to someone!

All you have to do to enter is use the Doordash app to place an order and use the code-word, SPICY-NUGGS upon checkout.

The deal runs through August 18th, so if you feel like grabbing 2 million spicy nuggets, you better hurry!

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