The election season is going strong in Western New York. It doesn't matter what political side you land on, the politicians and the messages are in your face around Western New York. From radio ads, to television, direct mail,social media and robo calls, it is impossible to avoid the push to vote for a particular candidate. But there is one form of advertising that has become way too much and we may be seeing the limit.

It doesn't matter where you work or live, when you drive or walk around Western New York, the landscape is littered with political and campaign signs. It has become a mess in every corner of the community. But now, at least in one town, the signs are being picked up.

This is something that I have hoped would happen around Western New York. Because I work in radio, I completely understand the need to advertise and do it often. However, I am also a huge supporter of keeping our communities free of clutter and keeping the beauty of the area free of litter. With as many signs as we are seeing, Western New York has become littered with signs. I support the right to express your opinions and freedom of speech. But I don't see the need for signs to be scattered along highways, medians, hillsides, parks and other places that should be kept clean and litter free.

I encourage everyone to get out and vote. Not registered yet? It is easy to do and your voice and vote count! I also encourage everyone to do some research on the candidates and the various issues we are asked to vote on.

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