This was an incredible moment! How well can you hopscotch? Better yet, how long can you go in summertime heat and humidity while wearing a police uniform?

While most kids are just happy to complete one round and challenge their friends, this video on Twitter shows a cop going above and beyond!
When we were kids, one of my favorite games was Four Square. I have some great memories of playing that game at Hamlin Park during the summer. The East Aurora Recreation Dept. had a pretty fun summer program. We made boondoggles and potholders and played games most days. It really did seem like the summer lasted forever!
Now that we have three little boys, I am starting to show them some of the fun things that we used to do. Being outside is part of our daily routine and while it is not always Hopscotch, we play basketball and jump through the sprinkler and for some reason, they love to just run!
The summer of 2020 is very different but that doesn't mean we can't stop for a few minutes and act like kids again. I think now more than ever, we need some exercise and a simple distraction like getting the chalk out and making a Hopscotch board is just what we need!
Enjoy you Independence Day week. The weather (as of Monday) looks to be just about perfect! Keeping our fingers crossed for no rain and plenty of sunshine!

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