Another family from Western New York will be on Family Feud, and you can watch them compete on the game show this week.

The family won’t be hard to miss, because they have incorporated their love of the Buffalo Bills into their attire so they all match. 

We have had Bills Mafia members on Family Feud before, like remember when The Smith Family shouted “Let’s Go, Buffalo!”? 

This week, keep your eyes peeled for the Langdon family who will be on an episode of Family Feud this week. 

Photo Credit: Chelsea Rae
Photo Credit: Chelsea Rae

I spoke with Chelsea Rae from the Langdon family team ahead of their episode airing.

“In March of 2023, we had the honor to go to Atlanta and be on Family Feud,” Chelsea said. “We love and take pride in being from Buffalo and hope we represent the city well.”

The Langdon family will compete on Family Feud on Tuesday, November 14 at 7:30 PM on FOX 29, and they used this opportunity to highlight the importance of being prepared for emergencies and saving lives, especially when it comes to knowing how to perform CPR.

“We all experienced that with Damar and we thought it would be a great idea to highlight all that he stands for.”

You will be able to recognize the Langdon family with their matching #3 pins on stage.

“Go Bills!” Chelsea said. 

If the Langdon family wins on Tuesday, November 14, they get to continue on the show. 

Cheer on the Langdon family this week, and as Chelsea said – “Go Bills!”

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