Whether you spend Thanksgiving dinner with your family in Buffalo, your friends in Hamburg, or you invite relatives to come to you, there is always that one loved one who is feeling a little left out.

Oftentimes, this individual does not even get a seat at the dinner table, but rather is left hoping for the guests in the home to maybe miss their mouth and drop their food to the floor so they can scarf it up.

I am talking about the dog, of course.

Dogs, cats, and any other pet you have are a part of the family, and every day they give you their biggest eyes as they attempt to plead for a piece of every meal you ever eat in your home, and you always shake your head and tell them, "No. This is mine."

Thanksgiving dinner is, historically, the best meal that you will have all year (you know it's true), so for once, let your pet be apart of it.


There are only certain foods that are safe for your pet to consume, so make sure you only share one of these 11 foods at the dinner table this year.

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