Once I got over the initial shock and excitement of learning Clay & Company was nominated for a Country Music Award and we were headed to the CMAs, I got into planning mode.

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What to wear, what to bring, and...how to look great in all the photos I wanted to take!

I mean, look at how great we look!

So I got the girls together for a spa day at Spa 400 ahead of leaving for Nashville. Clay's wife Elizabeth, Rob's wife Amber, my best friend Amy and I got gorgeous with a Silk Peel Dermalinfusion and Venus Freeze skin tightening stack treatment.

Stacking is what it's called when you have more than one service done at the same time, and they work together to achieve a desired result -- stacking the Silk Peel and Venus Freeze is my favorite way to get from dull to glowing in under an hour!

I have a variety of skin issues that Spa 400 has helped me with, including acne scarring, discoloration, and adult acne. But you'd never know it looking at these photos! Get gorgeous for your holiday photos too this year, at Spa 400.

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