I see it on Twitter, I hear about it on various TV shows and many women are carrying it with them on their "Nook" or good ole' paper back.  "Fifty Shades Of Grey"..I guess it's a new best selling novel listed under "erotic fiction", written by E.L.James.  As for this "erotic fiction" novel...it's being called "Mommy Porn."  I'm being told the book delves into BDSM and is pretty descriptive.  The more and more I heard about the book, the more I had to Google what it was all about.  The plot is as follows.....The reader follows the relationship of a young college graduate named Anastasia Steele and her billionaire boyfriend Christian Grey.  Grey asked Steele to sign a contract that allows him to have complete and total control of Steele's life.  As their relationship progresses, Steele finds out more about her billionaire boyfriend's sexual tastes.  It's weird stuff, but women eat it up.  Especially, married women 35+.


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