Now that the New England Patriots have won another Super Bowl it's time to project ahead and take a look at which team or teams have the best chance of winning Super Bowl 54.  With so many prognosticators saying their days as a sure bet to win the Super Bowl were numbered, the Patriots seemed to have something to prove.  And as they showed you can never count them out, but you might be surprised by which team is the early favorite to win the Super Bowl next year.

While the Patriots along with the Rams and the Saints are given 8 to 1 odds to win next year's big game there's one team given even better odds.  Coming in with 6 to 1 odds is the Kansas City Chiefs.  With a high-flying offense led by the NFL's Most Valuable Player Patrick Mahomes and with an improved defense it's hard to argue that the Chiefs are a good choice to win it all, but never count the Patriots out.

So how about the Bills?  With a young quarterback and one of the worst offensive lines in the league and so many needs especially at receiver, tight end, linebacker and defensive line the Bills come in at a 100 to 1 shot.  With odds like that would you put money down on the Bills?  I wouldn't especially when you consider that the Bills play the Patriots twice every year.  Although they play them tough they just can't figure out how to beat them.

Of course things will change as teams add to their rosters, but for right now here's the complete odds for next year's Super Bowl -

  • Chiefs 6-1
  • Patriots 8-1
  • Rams 8-1
  • Saints 8-1
  • Chargers 14-1
  • Bears 14-1
  • Steelers 14-1
  • Vikings 16-1
  • Packers 16-1
  • Cowboys 16-1
  • Eagles 20-1
  • Ravens 20-1
  • Colts 20-1
  • Browns 20-1
  • Texans 20-1
  • Seahawks 30-1
  • Falcons 40-1
  • Jaguars 40-1
  • Giants 40-1
  • 49ers 50-1
  • Jaguars 60-1
  • Titans 60-1
  • Broncos 60-1
  • Buccaneers 80-1
  • Jets 80-1
  • Bills 100-1
  • Redskins 100-1
  • Lions 100-1
  • Bengals 100-1
  • Raiders 100-1
  • Cardinals 100-1
  • Dolphins 300-1


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