Let's be honest, EVERYONE has taken a quiz at least once before telling you what inanimate object you are, or even what your eye color says about you. Well, here is something a little different.

Being from Buffalo, chicken wings are a big identifying factor for us, but have you ever thought about what sauce you might be?

Hot: If you are like hot sauce, you have a fiery personality. You are very bold, and might come across a little too intense for some people. Others don't want to cross you, because they know you are dangerous and a big risk-taker. Although you have a big, powerful personality, you know people will always come back to you.

Medium: Not as intense as hot sauce, but you still have a bit of a bite to you when crossed the wrong way. You are outgoing, and a big fan-favorite in large group settings. You're the go-to when it is hard to make a decision, or even if someone just needs a helping hand. You may come across a bit wild and restless at times, but this is one of the many reasons why everyone loves you.

Mild: If you are like mild sauce, you are the most laid-back of the bunch. You are easygoing, agreeable, and all around a kind-hearted person. Mild saucers are optimistic, and always puts others first. These qualities make you a great option to go to when people can't take the heat.

BBQ: Barbeque sauce... the odd man out. If you are like bbq, you march to your own drum. Very eccentric, but this adds to your charm. People that are like barbeque sauce can be very sweet, but can also be a little burnt around the edges. They are true chameleons, and can diguise blend in with their spicy counterparts. These people are a favorite to many for their fun, crazy qualities that make them unique.

Now it's up to you to decide, which sauce do you identify with?

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