Let's face it, the Buffalo Sabres were pretty damn lucky to get as far as they got this year.  Mr. Terry Pegula says our reason for existence is to win a Stanley Cup. 

 We are all assuming that this will be the new focus for the Buffalo Sabres.  I am no hockey expert, but after watching the team this year and especially in this first round of the playoffs, it is very evident that what is lacking is a true team leader.  We need that special superstar who can show the other players how it's done.  Someone who can motivate and teach the other players.

We have one of the best goalies in the NHL with Ryan Miller.  Ryan was spectacular this year as always, but we need a scoring dynamo (and probably some better defenseman) who can inspire and drive this team.  I know that there are many Sabres fans who dislike former Sabre Danny Briere, but give the guy his due.  The man is a true leader for the Flyers.  I think he clearly made the difference for his team in this recent playoff round.  Can we get this guy back on the Sabres?????

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