I like camping.  I've been trying to get my family to go camping for the last couple years.  There's just something about hanging out around a fire at the end of the night that I love.  We wanted to wait until the kids were a little older but I finally talked them into it last summer.  However...we had a few luxuries that I wouldn't consider "camping".

I had to kind of pick my battles when it came to the camping conversation.  You see, I was totally comfortable with a tent, a sleeping bag, and some coolers full of food and beer next to a creek with fish in it.  That's my perfect camping trip.  But I wanted to bring the rest of my family with me too.

But some people need a little more to get them "out into the wilderness".  My family settled with a cabin at a campground.  It was still surrounded in woods and we didn't spend ANY time watching TV. 

So here's the question:

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