Today is "National French Fry Day" which got me thinking, why is ketchup the only dip offered when you get fries?

I mean, when you order chicken nuggets or something else that is dip-able, you normally get a bunch of different dip options.  Sweet and sour, barbecue, honey mustard...there are a ton of options.

If you buy fries...they offer ketchup.

So I went to twitter to see what you guys thought.  Unfortunately I only had 4 choices available for my "very scientific" poll asking what your favorite dip to dunk your fries in was.  I put ketchup, ranch, gravy, and blue cheese in those slots and asked people to comment their favorite below if they had something other than that that they preferred.

It went as you'd expect it to:

Ketchup of course blew away the competition.  But is that because it's most readily available?  Or is it because that's really what people like the most?

I'm not surprised that gravy came in second.  Fries and gravy are delicious.  Our friends in Canada have known this for years.  And no one does the combination of fries and gravy like they do north of the border.

I was a little surprised that blue cheese came in ahead of ranch for a french fry dipping option.  But then again...this is Buffalo.

I did get write in comments for mayo and I got a couple for that.  I used to have a friend that worked with me at McDonalds who would do that all the time.  He would order his McChicken sandwich with extra mayo so that he could have a little extra for his fries.

I got a write in for hot sauce and vinegar too.

All of them are perfect options.  Just enjoy them today as we celebrate National French Fry day!


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