What is the weirdest food combo that you have ever heard of? We were talking about this during Clay and Company and people had the strangest food combinations: Hot fudge and chicken wings, peanut butter and pickles, white rice mixed with mayo (whaatttt?) and then everyone thinks this is strange, but it is way more common and not exactly strange: chips crumbled up on your sandwich.

The list goes on and on, but how often do you like mixing your condiments?

Heintz dubbed the combo of mayo and ketchup: Mayochup and have even sold it in stores. Everyone in Buffalo knows that the condiment choices are very important. (Cue the blue cheese versus ranch debate.) Here is what Heintz is planning to roll out and put in grocery stores soon. Each bottle will be about 3 bucks. Tell me that HANCH is not up the Western New York alley. Ranch mixed with some hot sauce. Take a look at all three of these two products coming:

    • Wasabioli – a blend of spicy wasabi and garlic aioli
    • Hanch – a mix of hot sauce and ranch
    • Tarchup – combines tartar sauce and ketchup

Now, they have started stocking all of these just across the border and hopefully they make their way down here very soon.

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