Most of the big cities in the United States are known for something.  By that I mean stuff like Chicago is known as the Windy City.  Philadelphia has the best cheesesteaks. Detroit makes cars.   Buffalo...chicken wings.  When you think of a city, it's always good when they've got a positive thing that puts them on the map.  The question is, what would your town be known for?

Most of my thinking came from summer festivals that are coming up.  For instance, I'm originally from Springville.  I was born and raised there.  Springville's big event is The Dairy Festival .  Now I live more in the Eden/Evans area and of course when I think Eden, I think The Eden Corn Festival.

So what is your town known for.  What's the one thing that makes em close down the streets for?  Tell us about it.  When does it happen?  What's the best thing that people say puts your town/city on the map?  Leave your comments below. never know, somebody might be filling in their event calendar right now.  Here's your chance to brag about your town and maybe get some people to your townwide festival!

Maybe it's something that's made in your town.  East Aurora might be known for the toys that are made at Fisher-Price.  Maybe it's the Herschell Carrousel Museum in North Tonawanda. 

Time to chime in Western New York.  Here's your chance to brag about your town!

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