Last night was a rainbow-colored horror show.

I went to take the kids' laundry out of the dryer and noticed all the clothes I pulled out had tiny crayon marks all over the place.

One of my kids (no one admitted to being the culprit) smuggled some crayons into their tiny pockets and my Mom Spidey Sense let me down when I did the final pocket-check before tossing into the laundry.

And then it went through the dryer.


Ugh, even down into the lint trap! So what's a mom to do. Easy, I asked Facebook LOL.

Some of the suggestions were great like, "Flame thrower and cheap vodka." But since I was interested in actually keeping my dryer, I found a few good ways to clean it that I wanted to pass along.

First, I used a magic eraser to scrub off the visible crayon marks on the inside.


How festive! Ugh. But I also noticed a thin colorful waxy film inside the drum. So I went to cleaning method no. 2 -- run the dryer at its hottest setting, and wipe the inside with dryer sheets.


You can see that the dryer sheet method took off even more crayon. Now it was time for the real test -- I put a damp white towel in the dryer, ran it on the highest heat and it came out clean!

Dryer = saved, and my kids live to mess up a major appliance for another day.

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