The Erie County Fair is canceled for 2020 and we had a chance to speak with the fair's CEO on Clay and Company Friday.

As most events and facilities are closing, the Erie County Fair decided to make the tough call and not open it's gates this summer. This is only the second time in the Erie County Fair's great history that it had to be canceled. The only other time was during World War 2! As Jessica Underberg told us, "at least they knew what they were fighting in WW2. We don't see our enemy and have no idea of when this fight will be over."

This is a great point. The ECF was not scheduled to open until August but as anyone knows, there is no clear finish line and no clear answers right now. Better to be safe than sorry.

Erie County 4H
Erie County 4H Kids

But what about the heart and soul of the Erie County Fair? What happens to the 4H kids and their animals? Jessica Underberg, CEO & Erie County Fair Manager told us that there are some plans in the works behind the scenes.
I stand behind these kids. I have been volunteering at the auction at the ECF for years and the money they make from the sale goes to their next project, savings account and college education! It is a big deal to them and this is vital to the future of agriculture in Western New York and the future of farms in the United States!



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