Buffalo is the best, we all know this right? Here are a few ways you can feel the Buffalove on this 716 day, even if we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

1. Go to Canalside (wear a mask).

Credit: Val Townsend

2. Eat chicken wings (all of them). Um, take the mask off for this part.

3. Buy some Franks and send to out of town friends with a note that says "Buffalo is still #1 suckas!" Also send them a Buffalo-themed mask.

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4. Wear your favorite Buffalove t-shirt. With a matching mask.

5. Order wings from no fewer than six places and have your personal Wingfest at home.

Photo Credit: Dave Fields

7. Wear Zubaz.

8. Get some beef on weck on your Zubaz

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9. Take a run around Delaware Park

Credit: Val Townsend

To make a plan to celebrate the Queen City the ways we still can this year, check out our list of 106 Things You Can (Still) Do This Summer in WNY.

The Golden Mummies are on display at the Buffalo Museum of Science, and the Buffalo and Erie County Naval Park is now open for visitors. The Transit Drive-In is having a heck of a summer, and at the end of the day, nothing beats the sunsets in Western New York.

There are lots of ways to celebrate the 716 even in the midst of a pandemic!

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