We know summer is a fleeting season in Buffalo, and with our efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, a lot of our usual ways to spend time are off the table for this year.

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But even while socially distanced, we can still make the most of summer 2020. So here's a list of 106 things you can (still) do to make the most of the next two months.

  1. Visit and take selfies in front of one of Buffalo’s murals
  2. Watch the sunset at Sunset Bay
  3. Go to a virtual meat raffle!
  4. Go stargazing in one of the less light-polluted places in WNY, like Eden, Springville or Java.
  5. Get some take-out and have a picnic at UB Baird Point
  6. Do a booze cruise night with your friends on the Moondance (yes, you still can! Reservations required and you must wear a mask)
  7. Go to the Transit Drive In for a movie night
  8. Get a hot dog from a street vendor
  9. Go to Artpark for a drive-in movie
  10. Happy Hour on the patio at Charlie’s Boat Yard
  11. Play in the giant sandbox at Canalside
  12. Visit the gorilla family at the Buffalo Zoo (when WNY gets to Phase 4 reopening, you'll be able to!)
  13. Go to the Transit Drive In for a concert
  14. Catch lightning bugs in Como Park
  15. Drink from your backyard hose
  16. Go on the Ride of Steel at Darien Lake, but make a reservation first
  17. Have lunch on a restaurant's temporary parking lot patio
  18. Burn your mouth on a freshly-roasted marshmallow
  19. Go fishing on a boat in Chautauqua Lake
  20. Attend a wedding at the Transit Drive In
  21. Take a ride on the Maid of the Mist
  22. Set off bottle rockets in your backyard
  23. “Light paint” photos with sparklers
  24. Make sidewalk chalk drawings
  25. Park your boat at Riverworks for a drink
  26. Try geocaching on one of the county park trails.
  27. Visit the sunflower fields in Sanborn
  28. Have a backyard picnic
  29. Get a funnel cake from the Fair Food Drive Through at the Great Pumpkin Farm
  30. Hike the orienteering trail at Chestnut Ridge
  31. Skip dinner and go on an ice cream trail tour
  32. See the “bubble guy” on Allen and Elmwood
  33. Be your own bartender and perfect a signature cocktail
  34. Cruise garage sales on a Saturday morning
  35. Find a friend with a pool and be their bestest friend ever this summer
  36. Make s’mores with Peanut Butter Cups instead of Hershey bars
  37. Get a group together for the floating tiki bar
  38. Buy fresh flowers and fruits and veggies at the farmers market
  39. Go strawberry picking
  40. Head to Oliver's Candies for a "Crazy Cone" (it's an ice cream cone filled with syrup/toppings and then dipped and hands down the best thing to come out of Batavia. You're welcome)
  41. Have wings on the patio at BarBill
  42. Get your socially distanced glamping on at Becker Farms for a weekend
  43. See a drive in movie at the Buffalo Waterfront
  44. Rent a waterbike or kayak
  45. Go to a cruise night
  46. Camp out at Letchworth State Park
  47. Have an orange chocolate ice cream cone at Sweet Jenny's
  48. Go to a Little League baseball game
  49. Hike to the eternal flame at Chestnut Ridge
  50. Have a bonfire
  51. Take a walk by the ships at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval Military Park
  52. Play ping-pong on the boardwalk at the waterfront
  53. See the animals at Hidden Valley Animal Adventure
  54. See the falls: (take your pick) Niagara, Glen, Akron
  55. See Garth Brooks at the Transit Drive In
  56. Visit Griffis Sculpture Park
  57. Have a backyard movie night
  58. Get ice cream at Charlap’s
  59. Take a selfie with Shark Girl
  60. Walk around the Williamsville Farmers Market
  61. Skip dinner and visit the food trucks at the Outer Harbor pop-up events
  62. Take a free online fitness class
  63. Take pics of the lily pads in Reinstein Woods
  64. Rent a bike and ride from Canalside to the Outer Harbor
  65. Run a fun 5K race
  66. Try your hand at DIY face paint, if you're extra adventurous, let your kids do it.
  67. Take your dog to dog park at Knox Farm
  68. Have a water balloon war
  69. Good old fashioned cuddle time
  70. Play horseshoes with your friends
  71. Get a hot dog at Mississippi Mudds
  72. Rent a bike and go for a ride at Lakeside Bike Park
  73. Get a milkshake from Taffy’s
  74. Bust out a game of Kan-Jam
  75. Watch the sun rise from the Templeton Landing parking lot
  76. Whirlpool Boat tour to Devil’s Hole (opens July 1)
  77. Hiking at Zoar Valley
  78. Sit on the beach at Woodlawn
  79. Go rollerskating
  80. Find out your future at Lilydale (opening day is June 26, call individual mediums in advance to make appointments)
  81. Run through a sprinkler
  82. Chase down the ice cream truck
  83. Go to a splash pad
  84. Play a round of cornhole in the backyard
  85. Go shopping on Elmwood Avenue
  86. Play a game of kickball
  87. Have lunch on the roof at Mangia
  88. Play foursquare
  89. Tour Forest Lawn Cemetery and spot the albino deer
  90. Attend a graduation or birthday parade
  91. Go horseback riding
  92. Visit the drive-thru version of Kelkenberg Farm
  93. Make a boondoggle
  94. Make Campfiire Cones
  95. Do a cruise on the Spirit of Buffalo
  96. Keep getting cocktails to-go while you can, simply because you can
  97. Visit the Panama Rock Park
  98. Dig up some fossils at Penn Dixie
  99. Take a sunset walk at Wilkeson Pointe
  100. Try flyboarding
  101. Sunset Boat Burning Party at Cabana Sam’s (fingers crossed we can still say goodbye to summer with this event!)
  102. Getting a fresh catch for lunch at River Grille
  103. Sample as much as you can at the virtual Taste of Buffalo
  104. Learn to make a no-sew mask from LuLaRoe leggings
  105. Take the plunge and get an RV this year and hit the road
  106. Listen to WYRK at full volume with the windows down

How to Make a No-Sew Face Mask From Leggings

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