From breakfast to 4 a.m. closing-time snacks, if you only had one day left to eat in WNY, or you had to show someone from out of town what Western New York tastes like, how would you schedule your day for all meals and snacks?

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I posed the question on Facebook, and have organized the responses according to my best guess at classifying each into a three-meal, three-snack day.

That said, we're in pandemic-times, and perhaps you had a brownie and a piece of deli ham for breakfast. We won't judge. We just want to be ready for when we can belly up to all Buffalo has to offer once again.

The Ultimate Buffalo Food Tour

Feel free to start your day with any one (or four) of these suggestions for breakfast or brunch:

1. Amy's Place
2. Mother's
3. The Polked Yolk
4. Tim Horton's
5. Paula's Donuts
6. Original Pancake House
7. Betty's
8. Five Points Bakery
9. Remedy House
10. Undergrounds

Snacks are an interesting topic of discussion, and know no food-genre boundaries. Or quantity boundaries. One man's snack is another's second dinner; snacks are what you make it! Some suggestions include:

1. A slice of Bocce's
2. Ice cream at Sweet Jenny's
3. Beef on Weck at Charlie the Butcher's
4. Ordering off the app menu at Amici's
5. Pizza from Just Pizza

Once you've digested your Beef on Weck snack, it's almost mid-day! Turn the radio to WYRK 106.5 and after the National Anthem, head out to one of these listener-favorite lunch spots:

1. Alton's
2. La Divina
3. Cantina 62
4. Zorba's
5. Duff's (original location)
6. Schwabl's
7. Liberty Hound
8. Bar Bill

After you've exhausted yourself searching for Shark Girl to take a selfie (don't bother, she's currently getting some "spa time" having her paint restored), it's almost dinnertime. Among the picks for the Ultimate Buffalo Food Tour are:

1. Lucia on the Lake
2. Pearl Street Grill & Brewery
3. Bar Bill
4. Griffon Gastropub
5. Gabriel's Gate
6. Bob & John's LaHacienda
7. Toutant
8. Misuta Chows

And for the most Buffalo meal of all, the late-night snack:

1. Louie's
2. The Old Pink
3. Bar Bill
4. Jim's Steakout
5. Mighty Taco

What did we miss on our list? Keep up with the conversation on social media here.

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