Have you ever thought about going straight to the source when buying your beef?

Clay and I had a chance to tour and spend the morning at Sivue Farms and while we were there we learned a lot of about the process of rising cattle for beef. They specializes in raising quality angus animals for fresh quality freezer beef that you can purchase your beef in a whole, half, or quarter portion! Owners Joe and Erica Siler were very informative on not only their process but what consumers should be looking for when they purchase beef, whether at the store or through a farm.

One of the many things we learned during our show was that they have a nutritionist consultant that comes out and makes sure they are giving the cattle a healthy and balanced diet. The science and purpose that goes into the feeding mixture is fascinating and great to know if you're interested in purchasing a cow. Here is a sneak preview of just one of the many things you will learn if you sign up for their upcoming open house.

If you're interested in learning more about the farm or purchasing beef you should register for their upcoming open house! It will happen this Saturday from 10am-4pm on their farm in North Java. You'll be able to tour the facility and ask any questions you have about how they raise the cows, what goes into the process and how to purchase! The Silers are wonderful people who are excited to open up their farm to you and your family!

To register for the open house you can visit their Facebook page or email them at wnybeef@gmail.com.

Sivue Farms
2520 PeeDee Rd
North Java, New York 14113