There is an old adage that says that a person is worth what someone is willing to pay them.  The Super Bowl is seen by most of the world.  Not only that, the sponsorships and advertising money that is involved is out of this world.  So it seems logical that players should make a good chunk of that cash.  After all, no players-no game.

After reading this on I was surprised that the players don't make more.

Every year, Major League Baseball announces how much the World Series winners get in bonus money for the postseason. This past year, members of the San Francisco Giants, who beat the Texas Rangers, made $317,631, assuming a player was awarded a full share.

How does that compare to what an NFL player makes? And how much do they get paid in the playoffs versus what they make for the regular season?

NFL players who win the championship actually make more if you factor it out on a per-game basis than baseball players did this year.

So if the Packers win the Super Bowl, each player will get $161,000 for their playoff run. Break that down by game and it’s $40,250 per game. The Giants played 16 games to win the World Series, so they received $19,852 per game.

The four games of work for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is only a portion of his normal game salary.

That means if the Packers win the Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers would only get paid 7.9 percent of what he would normally make for four regular-season weeks versus the playoff weeks.

Of course, much of that could be made up with one blockbuster endorsement deal.