There are two types of people in Buffalo, the kind that love the snow and the people that hate it.  This will come in handy for both types...

One of my favorite quotes ever is if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.  So really, no one knows when the first flake will fall but whether you can't wait until it does or you're trying to plan your trip out of here, this is what history will tell us about snow in Buffalo.

According to the National Weather Service, on average, the first flake of snow will fall on October 24th.  Yup...that's just a couple weeks away.  But remember, that's just the first flake.  The first measurable snow (which is defined as the first .1 of an inch) will come on November 8th.  Still reasonable right?  A tenth of an inch is manageable. The first inch falls on average ten days later on November 18th.

That's the average...but what is the earliest it's actually fallen?

If you lived through the crazy October Storm here in Buffalo, you might think October is the earliest it's ever come, but that would be wrong.  You'll have to go back to 1956 to see that on September 20th, they saw their first flakes that year.  So we are already past that date.  The earliest first measurable snow happened on October 6th, 1991.  The earliest first inch came on October 10, 1906!

So when will the first snow fall come?  The first flake...any day now according to history.  But any amount of measurable snowfall will probably happen in mid November.  But again...want to make God laugh?  Tell him your prediction.


AVERAGEFirst FlakeOct 24
First Measurable (0.1" or more)Nov 8
First InchNov 18
EARLIEST EVERFirst FlakeSep 20, 1956
First Measurable (0.1" or more)Oct 6, 1991
First InchOct 10, 1906
LATEST EVERFirst FlakeNov 22, 1946 & 1985
First Measurable (0.1" or more)Dec 18, 2015
First InchJan 2, 1932



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