Some people say there are only two seasons in Buffalo.  The first season is winter and the second is construction season.  It seems as though as soon as the snow melts, the orange traffic cones go up.

 This year, we didn't really even have to wait for the snow to melt.  The cones are up already. 

First of all, I'm not criticizing anyone who works in construction at all.  Those men and women are out there working hard. I know it's necessary to keep our roads safe and looking great, but man can it be a huge inconvenience sometimes.

I know the one place that is kind of a pain in the neck for me is the bridge on Rt. 5 by South Creek Road right before you get to Derby.  It seems like for the last three years it has been closed down to single lane traffic.  Honestly this year hasn't been so bad but it is a close drive when you're coming through there.

So what construction area is causing you the biggest pain in the side?