Fat Tuesday is here and if you are looking to throw down Mardi Gras style you can right here in Western New York.  Will it compete with the real Mardi Gras in New Orleans?  No, but once the alcohol kicks in you will think you are there!


There will not be a parade (who really has time for that), but there will be something that everyone loves - a bar crawl!  With 20 venues included, I'm guessing you will actually be crawling if you make it through all of it.  Many will try, and many will end up with disorderly conduct tickets.  Try not to be in that group if you go out.  I have been there and it is not fun!

Mardi Gras Buffalo

If you are going to celebrate, be down to Allentown at 5pm and plan on rocking out until 4am.  At that point you can smear king cake all over yourself for completing this major accomplishment.  If you are into this kind of voodo, here are the participating venues:

Duke's Bohemian Grove Bar (DBGB)
Exchange on Allen
Allen Street Hardware Cafe
Mulligan's Brick Bar
The Old Pink
Allen Burger Venture (ABV)
Gabriel's Gate
Colter Bay
Fat Bob's
Twilight Room
Snooty Fox Lounge
Gypsy Parlor
GBGB (Gypsy Bohemian Grove Bar in Expo Market)
Giacobbi's Cucina Citta
Ulrich's 1868 Tavern
Cathode Ray

The best part is that a $5 wristband will get you admission to all of the venues and a portion of the proceeds goes to Autism Services.  For a complete list of places and events you can check out MardiGrasBuffalo.com.

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