This is one of those things that would only happen in Buffalo, and the Bills Mafia couldn’t be more on board with it. 

Taking two amazing things and putting them together is something that Buffalo is no stranger to doing. Over the years, we have taken chicken wings and dipped them into blue cheese to create a delicious goodness. We have also taken our nerdiness over the Star Wars fandom and combined it with Buffalo Bisons baseball to celebrate the most incredible May The 4th Be With You. 

And now, with the Buffalo Bills playing their home game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at a neutral field in London, England, we have a rare opportunity as Bills fans to combine two incredible loves.

Jesus and Football. 

I mean, there’s a few country songs that already talk about this combination, including Tim McGraw’s Touchdown Jesus and Mitch Rossell’s God, Girls, and Football

Since kickoff for the game this Sunday is at 9:30 AM EST, many Bills Mafia members have tossed around the idea of a morning mass and tailgate, not knowing whether or not that idea could come to fruition. 

However, one local bar in Williamsville, NY is making it happen: Jesus + Football. 

What Bar Is Hosting Sunday Mass?

The Tavern at Windsor Park in Williamsville, NY is holding a special game day mass at their bar ahead of the game in London with plans of a tailgate to follow. 

Now I know what you may be thinking...”they are going to have church in a bar?” And without hesitation, the answer is yes. 

If it’s going to happen somewhere, of course it would be in Buffalo, right?

Who Will Lead The Church Service?

Pastor Steve Biegner from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Eggertsville will be leading the mass on Sunday, October 8. 

What Time Does The Mass Start?

Pastor Steve will lead the service starting at 8:30 AM. It will be a 30 minute service, and starting at 9 AM, the tailgate begins. The game will be shown in the bar at 9:30 AM. 

Can The Tavern At Windsor Park Serve Alcohol Before 10 AM?

Yes! They applied for a special permit to open early for the game and they can begin selling alcohol before 10 AM, according to reports from WGRZ.  

Before the tailgate parties begin, they plan to use a truck tailgate as the altar for Sunday mass. 

Do You Have To RSVP?

If you are interested in attending this Sunday for this big gathering, call ahead to the restaurant at 716-689-6600. 

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