It’s one of the best days of the year for Western New York, and we are already so prepared. 

There are a few days in the calendar year that are so memorable in Buffalo, New York. Just to name a few…Dyngus Day, Thanksgiving Eve, the first day of the football season, and so many more, but there is one holiday that is remembered as one of the most delicious in Western New York.

That holiday is Fat Tuesday. 

Fat Tuesday got its name from the French, who call it “Mardi Gras.” The words “Mardi Gras” translates to Fat Tuesday in English. It represents the last day to feast before the fasting of Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday, observed annually as the following day. 

That’s why so many people will eat their favorite sugary foods on Fat Tuesday before they give it up for 40 days. 

One of those sugary sweets is a pączki, which was created hundreds of years ago in Poland using up all the ingredients that are usually given up during the Lenten period, including sugar, milk, and butter. 

They are so delicious, but there are some places that are more delicious than others. Take a look at the top 10 places for pączkis in Western New York below. 

  1. Chrusciki Bakery

  2. Mazurek’s in Buffalo

  3. Eileen’s Bakery in West Seneca

  4. Donut Kraze

  5. Tops

  6. Broadway Market

  7. Wegmans

  8. D&L Bakery

  9. Paula’s Donuts

  10. Famous Doughnuts on Main St

Chrusciki Bakery stands out above all with the way they celebrate Fat Tuesday. In fact, not only are they a family business, but they decided to give back to the community on the special day by giving out free coffee to every customer (only at the Clarence location near the Eastern Hills Mall). 

Tons of people were at the Chrusciki Bakery location to celebrate Fat Tuesday. It may have the most foot traffic out of any other business when it comes to pączkis.

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