It's finally here! Dyngus Day, the holiday that is so unique to Buffalo that there is no way any other city could even begin to compare! Dyngus Day is the celebration of the end of Lent and if Buffalo knows how to do anything it's celebrating! The festivities actually started last night but everything really gets going today including the parade and the dancing!

Clay and I were at the Broadway Market early this morning to kick off the day and travel around to all the hot spots and we figured there was not better place to start than the parade location! Joining us while we were some dancers from the Harmony Polish Folk Ensemble. They are literally going to be everywhere today dancing and you should be able to catch them at some point! We spoke to Emma, the Polaski Princess for this year, and she is going to be featured in the parade, make sure to look for her in a corvette! Also, her grandmother Kim was able to give us a rundown of everywhere they're going to be!


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