Western New York has a love-hate relationship with Lake Erie. We love having access to the lake's seemingly endless supply of fresh water but when it comes to weather and the massive storms that brew out over the lake's open waters, well that's where the hate comes in.

If you're a weather nut like I am you will go out of your way to find the best vantage point possible to witness approaching storms as they make landfall. Here are my top five places to watch storms coming off Lake Erie.

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    Buffalo City Hall Observation Deck

    65 Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY
    Flickr by Payton Chung
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    Buffalo Inner Harbor

    Erie Street, Buffalo NY
    Flickr by jonrgbw
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    Woodlawn Beach State Park

    3585 Lake Shore Road, Blasdell, NY
    Flickr by newyorkprof
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    Hamburg Town Park

    Lake Shore Road and Windsor Terrace
    Google Maps
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    City of Dunkirk Pier

    Central Avenue, Dunkirk, NY
    Photo by Len Schrantz