Now that the official "Avengers: End Game" trailer has dropped and been viewed like a million times, we thought that if each Avenger was from Western New York, what town would they be from?

Captain America:

Cap is is a perfectionist with his high morality and integrity and he inspires a great deal of trust. If you ask us, Steve Rogers grew up in Williamsville!

Black Widow:

Black Widow is all about agility and flexibility and has a talent for “adapting” to her situation. Reminds of us, Niagara Falls.


Obviously, the Hulk has strength and would be a fantastic football player...What town is known for football? Orchard Park!

Iron Man:

Tony Stark is known for his intelligence and robots...lots of where are a bunch of smart people with robots...UB of course! Iron Man would be from Amherst


The "Hidden" Avenger. Not many people know of him but he plays a vital part of the team. Our guess is that Hawkeye is from East Aurora.


Literally a god!! So, of course, he would be from Lackawanna, home of the Basilica!


Check out the Official trailer for "Avengers: Endgame"

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