I've seen so many of these going around (mostly on Buzzfeed): "Which Golden Girl Are You?" "Which Party of Five Cast Member Are You?" "What Luncheon Meat Are You?"

And today I came across "Which Country Star Are You?" Naturally, we needed to find out. Each member of The Breakfast Club took the quiz, and the results may surprise you!


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You’re incredibly chill, and that’s only partly because you’re a bit of stoner. You have a romantic streak, but your one true love is Southern cooking.


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You’re old fashioned, and put family above all other things. You’re a very devoted partner, and the kind of person who wants to be romantically involved with an equal.


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You’ve got a big, bold personality and love being in the spotlight. You love to help other people reach their potential, and want to be surrounded by equals. You’re probably half of a power couple, or aspire to being in one.

I mean, Buzzfeed can't be wrong...right? Now it's time to find out what country star you are!