The time is here to put up your Christmas Tree.  So this year, which lights will be on your tree?  Will they be the multi-colored ones or the all-white ones?

It never fails.  Every single year you think you packed the lights away very carefully.  They all worked when you wound them up on that makeshift cardboard separator.  There weren't any that were broken or missing.  They were perfect when you put them in that plastic bin for the next time you have to use them.  But somehow even though you didn't do anything with them from that moment last year, they don't work this year.

So you have a decision to make.  Do you try to go through and try to find the one bulb that is causing you a problem?  Or do you just scrap the whole pile and get some new ones?  And if you're going new, do you go with the colored ones, or do you go with the all-white ones.

Now, there's a new decision to make too.  Do you go with the brighter, more energy-efficient LED lights?  Or do you stick with the warm lights that you remember from when you were a kid?

I asked my friends on Twitter and Facebook what they thought.  Surprisingly they were split almost right down the middle.  The Twitter poll looked like this:

Facebook was just as divided...

But even on Facebook, about 54% of the votes went to multi-colored lights.

There were a lot of people that said both...which made it pretty hard to tally.  Because in some cases they liked both white and multicolored lights on the same tree.  In that case, the tally mark went in the multicolor column.  In other cases, they had more than one tree so they could have one that was all white and one that was all multi-colored.

I am on the side of all white lights.  I like the ornaments to stand out and I think it has a bit of a classier, more sophisticated look.

Either's a pretty tight race and it doesn't matter.  As long as it makes you happy, that's what Christmas trees are all about.  Enjoy them this year!


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