Every Street Light in WNY Should Have What Amherst Does
It's 2019, how has this not been a thing yet! You know how you go down the road and you hit EVERY light and it seems like no one else is one the road so, how on earth are these not synced up? Especially when you're on a major road? Amherst, Tonawanda and the City of Lackawanna...
If you've loved visiting Griffis Sculpture Park in the past, you're going to love it even more as they bring NIGHT LIGHTS back for the fifth year.
WNY Light Map
Get the kids some hot chocolate and put them in the car for a ride! Take a look at some of the best home around Western New York and in your town!
Giant Light Switch
Improv Everywhere is at it again! This time bringing Christmas joy to some New Yorkers. Watch as they literally light up a park and many peoples faces! Love it when things go as you planned them.
Best Lights Ever?
If you were planning on doing an elaborate Christmas-lights show this year then basking in the glow of your neighbors' admiration and envy, forget it. Forever.
They're All Linked!
Over the years, we have seen some pretty cool Christmas light displays.  Some of the coolest ones are even right here in WNY.  But check this one out.  This entire neighborhood somehow found a way to link all of their houses together and set the display to music.