Here are the two best "Christmasy Towns" in Western New York.

All of the time you hear that East Aurora is in the mix for being one of the most Christmas towns in Western New York. Without a doubt, East Aurora is this magical place during Christmas time--the stores, the 'small town village' feel and the nostalgia all combine to create this magical experience. That is why so many Christmas movies like Ion or Hallmark love to come to East Aurora and film. There has been dozens and dozens of movies that have been filmed there right on Main Street.

East Aurora is great.

But, enter Lancaster, New York. 

The Village of Lancaster is nothing compared to East Aurora. Lancaster's village on Central and West Main looks great, but it still has a ways to go to be a contender. BUT, there is a neighborhood in Lancaster that does Christmas decorations so well, that they are getting national attention and that is what has propelled them into the conversation. If you have gone to Stony Brook's Legendary Lights, you know what we are talking about.

The neighborhood of about 300 houses go FULL OUT on Christmas lights and have a route that people in Western New York can follow to get the full experience. It's really well done. You can go every night through Christmas from 5 PM to 10 PM.

In the process, they collect donations when you come into the neighborhood and donate to a different charity each year. Last year they raised over $74,000 for charity in the Buffalo area.

Real Life Griswold House in Lancaster, New York

Part of Stony Brooks Legendary Lights, this house in Lancaster, New York has the most impressive light display in all of Western New York.

Gallery Credit: Rob Banks

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